Benefits of Olive Oil

Earlier I wrote about the amazing uses of coconut oil for your body, but in this article, I will be writing about the benefits of olive oil.

Olive oil is made up of liquid fat obtained from olive; the oil is made by pressing the whole olive to extract the oil using a crusher or oil extractor machine.

The oil is mainly used for cooking. Other uses of olive oil are in the cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and soap industry.

Instead of buying expensive olive oil, you can produce your own olive oil simply by pressing olive fruit to extra the oil.

The oil can then be stored in a glass container.

Due to its unique qualities, olive oil is one of the three core food in the Mediterranean cuisine.

But its uses are not limited to the kitchen; there are other ways that you can olive oil for:


  • You can substitute olive oil for your shaving cream; gently rub a tablespoon of olive oil on your skin before shaving and after shaving.
  • Lip Balm – Are you the kind of person who feels like producing your own lip balm instead of using mass factory produce lip balm because that contain harmful chemicals, then you can produce your own lip balm at home using olive oil.
  • Mix one tablespoon of olive oil and one tablespoon of beeswax with other essential oil for sweet smell. You can add the mixture to your lip when you feel like and see the magic that will happen to your lip.
  • Exfoliate your face – Apply olive oil on your face and scrub with sugar with a little pinch of salt and rinse with warm water.
  • Remove Makeup – Dab a little of the olive oil on your face and wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Remove dirt on your skin – The main cause of skin disease like eczema, pimple, and acne is the presence of an excess of dirt on the skin surface and skin pore.
  • You can use olive oil to remove dirt by mixing two tablespoons of olive oil with a pinch of salt, add the mixture to your skin and leave five minutes and then rinse with soap and water.
  • Soften your face – This is useful if you have dry skin, the moisturizing properties of olive oil will soften and moisturize your skin. Rub olive oil to dry face and leave it for ten minutes to dry and wash with water.
  • Improve your cracked heel – Olive oil has the ability to improve and nourish your cracked heel. Rub olive oil to your heel and see the difference after some weeks.
  • Fingernails – Mix olive oil and water and dipped your hand in the mixture before a manicure or to moisturize cuticles.
  • Soothe a sore throat – Take a sip of olive oil to cure a sore throat, you can also use it stop snoring.
  • You can add olive oil to cotton swab to remove dirt from the ear cavity and also to remove excess ear wax.
  • You can also try to add two tablespoons of olive oil to your bath water, this helps you to relax and soothe the pain. You can use it after a hard day at work or after strenuous exercise and see the result.


  • Shine stainless steel and brass – Rub a little amount of olive oil on a rag to clean your kitchen utensil, this prevents corrosion on your kitchen utensil.
  • Substitute for vegetable oil – You can try to substitute with vegetable oil for olive oil when next you are cooking at home. Refined olive oil is suitable for deep frying food.
  • To prevent your pasta from being sticky, add a tablespoon of olive oil to the water before cooking.
  • Use it instead of butter – when next you are cooking, try adding a little bit of olive oil instead of butter for a healthier and tasty food.


  • Treat lice – Apply olive oil to your hair and leave for 30 minutes, wash with shampoo and water. You can use this method thrice a week.
  • As a hair tonic – comb your hair with olive oil to achieve a vintage look.


  • Free stuck zipper – Use a cotton swab to apply olive oil to the teeth of a zipper and then gently move the zipper down.
  • Shoe polish – When next you are out of shoe polish, you can use olive oil to shine and maintain your shoe. Apply olive oil to a rag and use the rag to shine your shoe.
  • Clean garden tool – You can easily use olive oil to clean and grease your garden tool; this prevents the tool from rusting. Remove excess dirt from your tool before spraying with olive oil.

These are the amazing uses of olive oil that you can try it out yourself.

If I forgot any please share your favorites below!

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