Importance of health in life.

importance of health in life.

The importance of health in life cannot be ignored, in fact without health it is impossible for you to dream or achieve your goals in life. A good health is not something that you buy from in the market but as a result of careful planning and maintaining healthy lifestyles. 

If you live a healthy life by exercising, good food with a lot of fruit, avoid sugar and cigarette you will see an improvement in your body, mental health, and emotional condition.

There are a lot of people who suffer from a health-related problem in life, to those people they think they are unlucky without knowing that they are the cause of their problem that they could solve or reduce the frequency of illness by changing their lifestyle.

The damage causedby neglecting health lifestyle in life and following bad habits like smoking, drinking or consuming large quantity of sugar or salt will manifest later when they are older thereby depriving them of spending quality time with their family by turning the hospital to their ‘second home’ and this cost of large sum of money, people without the means of correcting or treating the illness and condition associated with bad habit dies prematurely leaving behind families and friends.

It is better for us to understand the importance of health so that we will be able to adjust and change the bad habit that we are accustomed to.

Tips to maintain good health

Physical exercise

Exercise helps in getting rid of unwanted and excess fats present in the body, the build-up of excess fats in the body can lead to dangerous ailment like obesity, diabetes, gout, and osteoarthritis. 

Exercising for thirty minutes in a day can be effective in maintaining good health by preventing excess fats and also helps in the redistribution of blood, removal of dirt, and sweat from the body. Physical exercise should be regular and too much of exercise is bad for the body because after 30 minutes they body starts burning the muscle. 

Balanced diet

Regular consumption of balanced diet is one of the ways of maintaining good health; a balanced diet is a diet that gives you the nutrient the body needs to function. Your daily food should contain fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, grains, and legumes. 

Sleep and rest

Sleep deprivation also affectsthe ability of the brain to make a complexdecision and also increase the activity of the amygdala, the reward region of your brain. 

To put it in simple term is that you don’t have the mental clarity to make a gooddecision. If having good health is your priority, you should try to rest after stressful a day, this gives the body to rest so that they can function properly.

Eliminate sugary food

The sugarydrink has been linked to increased risk of diseases like obesity, diabetes and heart disease. 
Sugar calories promote fat storage and hunger, a can of soda contains 150 calories which is high, the recommended average calories per day for men is 2500 and 2,000 for women.

Anxiety and fear

The key to having good health is to free the mind from anxiety and fear, Sleep requires a peace of mind and calmness. 

A person who works should enjoy his rest.
Reasons to have good health

It increases our productivity – A good health helps us to increase our productivity, the time sick people spends in the hospital or recuperating at home could be better spend doing something useful or learn a new stuff. A good health keeps the body fits and you are generally more able to work more and he is more alert to the situation around him, this could also reduce the risk of an accident that he might suffer at work.

Strain relationship – When serious illness affects a person, the whole friends, and families suffer, this could further strain the relationship. If the primary income producer in a family suddenly sick or suffer from a major illness that needs surgery and time off, the other partner has to return to work in order to support the family, this could also strain relationship among spouse, children, and family.

It is expensive – Surgery to correct illness and disease are sometimes expensive involving a large amount of money, this could set you back with a large amount of money that you should have a use for a more useful task like buying a new car, a new house or going on holiday.

Lack of self-confidenceSmoking cigarette, drinking of alcoholic beverages and carbonated juice are been linked to causing wrinkles, obesity, and diabetes. 

This could change your look, making you fatter and bald thereby reducing your self-confidence. Imagine looking in the mirror and see an overweight man staring back at you and not the handsome man that you are before.

Death – Even after spending a ton of money on corrective surgery, drug and therapy there is no guarantee that the illness won’t come back. So you have to endure the pain, emotional trauma when the disease and illness appear again and again before eventually leading to death. 

The best way of avoiding this money-spinning adventure is to if possible avoid the causative ingredient and organism causing the disease.

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