Home Remedies For Diabetes Patient

Home Remedies For Diabetes Patient

Diabetes occurs when there is a prolonged increase in the blood sugar levels; this condition is often serious if left unchecked. This occurs when the hormone insulin present in the body is 
lacking or is not absorbed by the body.

The common symptoms of diabetes include increased hunger, increased thirty and frequent urination.

The clinical term for diabetes is called diabetes mellitus and the long-term complications include stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, and damage to the eyes.

There are three different types of diabetes namely:

Type 1 Diabetes – This is caused when the organ pancreas which secretes the hormone insulin failed to produce the needed insulin. This is commonly called insulin-dependent diabetes and usually affects children and teenager.

Type 2 Diabetes – This is caused when the body does not use the insulin secreted by the pancreas, the glucose stays in the bloodstream. This is commonly called the noninsulin dependent diabetes and affects the adult.

What cause this type of diabetes is due to lack of exercise or being overweight.

Gestational Diabetes – This is the type of diabetes that affect pregnant women who did not have any prior history of having diabetes.

Causes of Diabetes

Insulin deficiency
High cholesterol level

How to Prevent Diabetes

It is often better to prevent type 2 diabetes rather treating it, there are over 30 millions of people who are battling with diabetes in the United State of America, this statistic is staggering considering that the population of America is around 300 million, this shows that there are over 10% of people who have diabetes. There are over 415 millions of people around the world who have diabetes with approximately 1.5 million to 5 million deaths per year. The total cost of managing diabetes estimated around $600 billion.

There is no preventive measure for type 1 diabetes but type 2 diabetes can be prevented by losing weight, changing of diet, exercising regularly and by lifestyle change. Type 2 diabetes accounts for up to 85-90% of people with diabetes and several studies have been linked that being overweight, smoking could lead to type 2 diabetes.

Home remedies for diabetes

There are different ways that you can use to control the blood sugar level, but home remedies can also work when used. This article will focus on ten different home remedies that you can try for yourself at home and see the result:


Cinnamon is a spice obtained from the bark of Cinnamomum. It is native to the Sri Lanka, due to its antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties cinnamon are of the most widely used spice in the world. It uses include weight loss, acne treatment, spice, beverages and the most important part diabetes. Cinnamon has the ability to reduce the blood sugar level by stimulating the body to use the insulin produced by the pancreas. The use of insulin by the body reduces the glucose or blood sugar present in the bloodstream.

Mix one tablespoon of cinnamon to a cup of water and drink the solution daily.
Add cinnamon powder to your food, beverages or drink.
Boil two stick of cinnamon for 20 minutes and allow it to cool down and drink the solution daily. 

Mango leaves

Mango leaves can also be used to treat and control diabetes because it help in reducing the glucose or sugar present in the bloodstream.

Soak ten to twelve leaves of mango leaves in a bowl and leave it overnight. Remove the leaves from the water and drink the water every morning until you see a positive change. You can store the water in your fridge.
Dry the leave of mango in a shade and grind them until it turns to a powdered form. Store the powdered leaves in a closed container and take a ½ tablespoon of the leave twice in a day. Don’t place the leave directly in sunlight.

Moringa leaves

One of the most important tips for people with diabetes is to reduce the intake of a heavy meal and start eating bit by bit. 

This is because when you eat heavy meal it increases the blood sugar present in the body because of the insufficient insulin present can metabolize or break down the food.

Moringa leaves works by slowing the breakdown of food and reduce the urge to eat more. This way the little insulin present would be able to break down the food completely by doing slowly.

Take a few Moringa leaves, wash and crush them to collect the juice. Drink a 1/4thcup of this juice on an empty stomach every morning.

Bitter Gourd

Bitter gourd is one of an essential fruits that can be used by both the type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. This is because the fruits work by increasing the insulin secretion which is used for people with type 1 DM and prevent the resistance of insulin which is useful for people with type 2 DM. Though for people with type 1 Dm, bitter gourd cannot replace insulin injection, it, however, helps to reduce the blood sugar level because of the presence of two important and essential compounds called charatin and momordicin.

To produce the juice, remove the seed from the gourd and use a juicer to extract the seed and add water to it. Drink bitter gourd juice each morning on empty stomach.
You can also include bitter gourd in your dish.

Bitter leaf

The most distinctive properties of bitter leaf are the bitterness, every part of the plant is bitter. The immense health benefit of bitter leaf is so much that it should be cultivated it every home. Bitter leaf helps in reducing the blood sugar level and also repairs the pancreas which secretes the hormone insulin.

Squeeze 10 to 15 fresh leaves of the plant in 10 liters of water and take two glasses of the solution thrice a day.

Basil leaves

The leaves of basil are useful when treating and controlling of diabetes this is due to the presence of compounds like eugenol, methyl eugenol, and caryophyllene which helps the organ pancreas to release insulin regularly when needed.

Squeeze 10 leaves of basil to extract the juice and take one tablespoon of the juice on empty stomach every morning for about two months.

Another alternative,is the use of basil leaves and leaves of balsam pear (mormodica charantia). Squeeze equal amount of the two leaves in a bowl of water and remove the leaves from the solution and store the solution in the fridge, drink one glass of the solution thrice in a day for two months on an empty stomach in the morning.   

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