Health Benefits of Banana Flower.

Health Benefits of Banana Flower
Banana flower is native to the South East Asia; the flower is large and has a dark purple or red color, it grows from the end of the bunch of banana and later blossom to banana.

Freshbanana flower is one of the ingredients used to prepare noodles and soup in most cuisine in the South East Asia. It is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C though bitter in taste, unlike banana which is sweet. There are numerous health benefits that are derived from consuming banana flower.

Composition per 100g of banana flower
Vitamin E

Table: Show the composition of nutrient per 100g in a banana flower.

Every part of the banana tree is useful, but to most people, the only important part of the tree is the fruit. The banana flower popularly called the banana heart is filled with numerous multivitamins and nutrients, that is why is so useful that you should include in your diet.

Health Benefits of Banana Flower

This article would list the 8 health benefits of banana flower as follows:

Fight Off Infection

Bananaflower has the ability to fight off infection due to the presence of ethanol extract in it. It works against a whole lot of infection including bacillus subtalis escherina coli and bacillus cereus. It can also help to treat and increase the healing process of wound when applied to the wound. The extract of banana flower has been shown according to research to inhibit and prevent the growth malaria parasites.

Diabetes and anemia 

Regular intake of banana flower reduces the sugar level in the blood. It is advisable for type 2 diabetes patient to consume boiled banana flower as it reduces the blood sugar level and increases the production of iron. Iron and fiber help to increase the red cell production. Though type 1 diabetes cannot be treated but type 2 diabetes is easier to manage or prevent by losing weight, changing of diet, exercising regularly and by lifestyle change.

Improves Breast Milk in Nursing Mother

Breastfeedingmother should endeavor to consume banana flower regularly as it cures excessive bleeding, increase healthy milk production and maintain uterus. Pregnant women can also eat banana flower so that they can get the immense benefit it has to offer.

Fight Free Radical

Free radical are harmful to our body, they cause a whole lot of problem to our body including heart disease, speeding up the aging process of our skin and cancer. Banana flower is filled with antioxidant that helps to fight off free radical from our body. If your dream is to have a healthy skin that is free from wrinkles and blemishes endeavor to start eating banana flower today.


Instead of wasting your money buying antidepressant drug, you can start by including banana flower in your diet. Banana flower is rich in magnesium about 48.7mg can be gotten from 100g of banana flower. This makes it useful to reduce anxiety and improve your mood. This natural homemade antidepressant doesn’t have any side effect at all, unlike drugs.

Reduces Menstrual Bleeding

Menstruation is often accompanied by pain, cramps, and bleeding in most women. Regular consumption of banana flower helps to increase the production of hormone progesterone which reduces the bleeding. Cook banana flower in a little water and add yogurt and salt until it is cooked. Eat the food as it increases the production of progesterone in the body. Excessive bleeding should be treated with care and urgency.

Gastrointestinal Problem

Bananaflower can be used to treat abdominal pain that is caused by acidity. Banana flower is easily digested because it contains insoluble fiber and soluble fiber.


Cancer is formed when there is uncontrolled growth of abnormal cell in the body. Cancer affects one in every three persons born in developed countries and is a major cause of sickness and death throughout the world.

Bananaflower can help reduce cancer by fighting off the free radicals in the body. Free radical increase the formation of abnormal cell in the body, the presence of antioxidant, tannin and flavonoid eliminates the damages that free radical can cause to our body.

Where to Buy banana Flower

Bananaflower can be bought from the farmer’s markets, it is usually available if you are from the country that grows banana, if you are not from country that grows banana flower you can get them from Asia market this is because it is one of the recipes for their soup. They are usually frozen to prevent wastage. If you bought more than you need you can wrap them in a transparent cover or bag and store them in your freezer.

How to select banana flower 

Fresh banana flower should be selected, make sure that they are free from cut and spot. The outside husk is darker in color when you remove the outside husk you will find a tender yellow-green leave inside. The darker husk should not be removed if you are not ready to use because the inner layer would turn brown.

These are the health benefits of banana flower, I hope that you like it and you will try it out for yourself to see the immense benefits of banana flower. You can help it spread by emailing it to your friend or sharing it on Twitteror Facebook. Thank you!

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