How to stop cramps before period in teenager

 How to stop cramps before period in teenager

Premenstrual cramps are quite a common occurrence in girls. Menstrual cramps are abrupt cramps in the abdomen caused bysevere contraction of the uterus. It will cause painful writhing and discomfort for 3 to 5 days.

The appearance of cramps before the period, or in the red light days are usually quite normal. However, if these cramps are too much and too serious, or happen even when you are not in menstruation. We advise you to seek medical attention immediately, as it can be a sign of serious illnesses below.

A number of studies have been published by the College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in the United States. For women aged 15 to 49, about 10% of them have this condition. Common signs or symptoms are cramps before the period, abdominal pain. Even these symptoms can occur even when there is no menstruation.
The pain, cramping

 How to stop cramps before period in teenager

occurs long, constantly causing sickness, fatigue. If this condition persists, the uterine tissues that grow in the wrong place will move into the ovaries or fallopian tubes. This is really dangerous, as these tissues are at risk of developing into dangerous cysts.

Ovarian cysts
Ovarian cysts are very common and most girls around the world suffer from this disease. However, these cysts are mostly benign and sometimes self-cured, so patients do not know they have ever been ill.
According to statistics, about 8% of cysts develop larger than normal. The reasons for this are very difficult to pinpoint. When the cyst is larger than normal, it becomes very dangerous for any girl.
One of the signs of ovarian cysts is long-term cramps, even when there are no menstruation or menstruation. But it is more typical than cramps before the period. So, if you are constantly experiencing this symptom, the girls try to monitor and check carefully, it avoids causing danger for yours.
Uterine fibroids
The appearance of benign tumors in the uterus can cause cramps, bloating, pressure on the intestines. Studies show that at least 25% of women in the United States have typical symptoms of fibroids. Therefore, if the symptoms of abdominal cramps before the period persist or frequently appear in the month, then you should also seek medical attention immediately to detect the disease promptly and treat more effectively.
Ovarian Cancer
The American Cancer Society has given the exact number of patients with ovarian cancer. The figure is more than 22,000 women across the United States are positive for ovarian cancer. And many of them died of the disease.
Ovarian cancer is often difficult to detect. Symptoms usually include abdominal pain, abdominal pain, bleeding or abdominal cramps, especially cramps before period and during menstruation. These symptoms often confuse the symptoms of some other illness.
The appearance of regular symptoms or the body has strange manifestations. Pain and abnormal cramps and abnormalities, you must seek medical attention immediately to ease the treatment.
Asherman Syndrome
If you have just had a pelvic or abdominal surgery. This will cause you scar tissue in this position. There are times when the scar tissue is too large, or the surgery is not perfect, it can cause cramping or pain in the abdomen often. Or worse, when you have a wound infection, the infection can spread to neighboring organs, like the uterus.
So if you suspect any cramping symptoms, or if any pain is caused by an incision. The confusion of these symptoms with cramps before the period is also possible. So when this problem occurs, you should always check the incision situation as well as pathological problems. From there, they can be treated in time.

The prevention and timely detection of gynecological diseases is always an important thing for women. Always equip yourself with the most useful knowledge, if you are suffering from cramps before the period or related problems during the menstrual period.
The treatment of science and the right process will help you easily overcome the problems that you encounter.

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