How To Use Ice To Relieve Swelling and Redness.

How To Use Ice To Relieve Swelling and Redness.

Inflamed skin is caused as a result of skin irritation, skin condition like pimples, acne or eczema, reaction of the skin to certain creams or natural ingredients, sunburned and skin allergies. Certain skin conditions like pimples or acne caused large swollen pus usually accompanied by pain and the pus become red.

There is a need for us to relieve the swelling and redness of the skin so that we will have a clean and clear skin, there are several creams that you can use on inflamed skin to bring about fast relieve. This skin cream work by drying the swollen pus and exfoliating the skin surface to remove foreign material that blocked the skin pores which is one of the main causes of pimples and acne. But they are filled with dangerous toxins and chemical that can harm your skin after you stop using them.

There are several natural ingredients that you can use to relieve inflamed skin, these natural ingredients are filled with natural anti-inflammatory properties which brought about fast relieve and reduce the pain usually accompanied by inflamed skin.

In this post, we are going to look at how to use ice to relieve swelling and redness, the ingredient is readily available and they are cheap which makes it useful when it comes to relieving inflamed skin. This amazing ingredient can be used on the sore skin and injured muscle by reducing the tissue metabolism and minimizing the damage caused as a result of the injury.

How Ice Works On Inflamed Skin
Using ice on the inflamed skin can help to relieve the swelling and redness by shrinking the hair follicles thereby reducing the size of the swollen pus on the skin surface. Swollen pus on the skin surface is usually accompanied by great pain, but when you use ice on the affected area it reduces the pain usually experience and exfoliates the skin thereby leaving you with a clean and clear skin that you always wanted.


  • Wash the affected area with clean water and pat it dry with a soft towel.
  • Wrap two to three cubes of ice in a small and clean towel; don’t place the ice directly on the affected area.
  • Place the towel directly on the affected area and gently rub the towel in a small and circular motion.
  • Continue rubbing the ice on the affected area for 5 minutes and pat it dry with a soft towel.
  • You can apply the ice on your skin once a day for 1 week until the swelling and redness is reduced.
  • Instead of wasting money buying expensive creams, you can apply ice to the affected area and see the result for yourself.


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